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Processing flat plexiglass sheets and plastic materials

Flat Plexiglas sheets are a versatile material suited to all sorts of processing and a host of different fields of application.

Working the Plexiglass

Plexiglas is an incredible material with lots of potential. It can be transparent or coloured, mirror-finish, glossy or matt, and can be used in a multitude of applications. Here’s how it can be treated.
Processing flat Plexiglas sheets is one of our specialities. We have the skills and the necessary equipment to carry out any processing to suit your particular requirements.
We can provide laser cutting or CNC milling (numerically controlled) to achieve wording, engravings or elaborate decorations.
The sheet can be hot bent or curved using a dedicated furnace or applying extreme pressure to achieve deformations in the sheet, a process also referred to as folding.
Lastly, for the finishes, we can also provide diamond-cutting and aesthetic and structural bonding.

Some examples


Laser cutting
Cutting with CNC milling
Furnace bending
UV bonding
Aesthetic bonding
Mechanical high-strength structural bonding
Ultrasound bonding

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