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Fully automatic
3D scanner

Fully automatic 3D scanner to generate digital models quickly and efficiently

3D digital models

Today, almost all sectors of industry need to generate digital 3D models of prototypes, components, old machinery and much more.

The digital model can be created using dedicated 3D modelling programs, or it can be obtained from an existing physical object that is scanned.
Here on our premises, we have a Fully Automatic 3D Scanner which makes it possible to digitise extremely large objects thanks to a work area of 1.5 x 2 m.

An automated scanning system differs from manual 3D scanners in the presence of one or more programmable robots, and consequently in the speed with which the various components of the object are measured. Thanks also to highly specialised software, the measurement of very complex objects proves easy to program.
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Matching of mathematics with the thermoformed part
Scanning area diameter 1.5 m, height 2 m
0.100 mm resolution

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