Food – Refrigeration sector

Plastic solutions for the food and refrigeration sector

Plastic solutions for the food and refrigeration sector

Components for the food and refrigeration sector need to be made of suitable and certified materials, which guarantee energy efficiency and form-stability, such as Plexiglas and Polycarbonate.
In the food industry in particular, materials suitable for contact with food, such as PETG, need to be used. Over time, we have partnered up with companies in the Horeca sector to produce components and linings for mixers, dough kneaders, professional ovens, etc. but we constantly work on new designs and new challenges.

In the refrigeration sector on the other hand, we produce internal elements and external linings in ABS for professional refrigerators, refrigerators for the automotive industry and for mechanical workshops, internal components for automatic dispensers (hot and cold) in PMMA and PC.
As with any other sector, we can also put together front panels for various applications with silk-screen printed PC displays.

Even though we do not deal with the design of mechanical components in-house, we always assess, in constant dialogue with the customer, the design of the overall finished product to study any criticalities and favour easy assembly.

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